Sippity Doo Dah! Great Wine Bars & Tasting Places in NOLA

There's a lot to cheer about with New Orleans collection of wine bars!

There’s a lot to cheer about with New Orleans collection of wine bars!

Yes, NOLA’s known for the first cocktail, the Sazerak.  Yes, we have a “main” street in the French Quarter that our tourists think is named after a type of liquor (pssst hint:  it’s named after a family!).  Yes we have a cocktails named after destructive things like hurricanes & hand grenades.  As New Orleanians, we just expect those questions… where do I go to get … XXX?  We merrily smile and point the person in the proper direction… (most of the time).

But what about wine?  NOLA isn’t the first city that comes to the tip of the tongue to visit known for great places to try wine. A lot of New Orleans residents would be hard press to name more than 2 places where that have more than a “house” wine, but fear not there are quite a number of places to check out different kinds of wine around the Big Easy.

New Orleans Wine Bars with Wine to Purchase

Quite a few new businesses have popped up in the last two years that feature wine shops that offer wine bars.  Some of the businesses even offer small tapas plates, snacks and appetizers and they usually pair them with specially with featured wines of the day, week or month.  Located in all different neighborhoods around NOLA, a few of these offer regular happy hours too, where they feature wine tastings or wine pairings.

NOLA Wine Bars with Food

Sometimes totally off the tourist radar, some of New Orleans best kept secrets are our hidden little wine bar restaurants.  A few of these bars keep well over 100 different wines in stock and are continually bringing in new varieties for their loyal patrons to try.  Some of these wine bars are best known for their wine flights and wine happy hours that pair their specialty wines with featured appetizers, cheese plates or dinners.  Along with that, the staff at theses restaurants are more knowledgeable than most about the wines their businesses offer and how they pair well with anything on their menus.

Whether its wine by the glass or wine by the bottle, New Orleans is definitely has a great collection of up an coming places to come try wine!

I Only Drink Wine On Days That Contain the Letter A

Wine Lovers Have a Lot of Places to Choose from in NOLA

Wine Bars with Light Fare / Tapas Plates

Wine Bar Bistros & Restaurants

Wine Festivals?

Of course we have a festival around wine, in fact it keeps growing every year.  The New Orleans Wine & Food Festival just took place, so put it on your calendar for 2016!  Can’t wait for that, well then Tales of the Cocktail in Mid-July this year, just might have a cocktail mixed with some wine… somewhere!

Know of any we missed?  Let us know and we’ll add them to our list!

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