Fresh Fruits & Veggies Month in New Orleans

National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month in NOLA

Celebrate National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month Around New Orleans.

One of the awesome benefits of living in or around the New Orleans area is that we normally have a abundant and constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from, from any number of sources almost year round, unlike out neighbors north of us.  If you aren’t growing it in your own garden we’v got more than a few Grocery Stores, Farmer’s Markets, Street Side & Road Side Stands, Specialty Markets, U-Pick businesses  that are generally stocked full year round. Then, if you’re not up for making the fresh veggies & fruits yourself into something to eat there’s plenty of vegetarian restaurants around NOLA that are more than happy to serve you up a healthy meal.

This month is National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables month and all throughout the month there are various days that celebrate certain fruits, vegetables and activities around producing & consuming them.  While some were this past weekend, there’s still plenty of time to observe and / or participate in “keeping it healthy” this month.

We Have Festivals That Feature a Veggies in New Orleans!

The French Market's Creole Tomato Festival

The French Market’s Creole Tomato Festival celebrates all things Creole Tomato!

This coming weekend in New Orleans we celebrate the Tomato!  Not just any tomato, but our own special tomato bred to withstand our hot and humid weather.  The French Market’s Annual Creole Tomato Festival on June 13th & 14th, features numerous vendors with amazing recipes and dishes that stars the Creole Tomato along with live entertainment.   You can purchase tomatoes that day at the French Market  – or get a bag free if you purchase over $30 worth of retail items from the French Market businesses.  Either way, you’ll be able to stock up in time for Fresh Veggies Day or International Picnic Day.

While we missed being able to write about it, the New Orleans Veggie Fest is one to keep on your calendar for May of 2016!  Put on by the Humane Society of New Orleans it features many different vendors that promote both vegan and vegetarian fare across NOLA.

Not Up for Cooking or Prepping Those Fruits & Veggies Yourself?

There are quite a few popular vegetarian restaurants, cafes and quick eat spots throughout the many neighborhoods of New Orleans.  From Mediterranean flare to potato focused you’re sure to find something that can help you on the 17th’s Eat Your Veggies day.  Get on out and check out some of these local favorites:

Keep an eye out, later this week we’re going to feature places where you can pick up fresh fruits and veggies if you aren’t growing them yourself or wanting someone else to do the cooking!


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